tlcc died, time to play (tlcc)
So my old company site finally died on mediatemple mainly due to my neglect. No data had been updated since 2011 due to client priorities. I have moved over to digitalocean, spun up a few client sites and am currently playing with what I want to show here now along with graphic/theme ideas. Normally this would be done on a dev environment, but I'm super over the old site and don't want to push an unsecure d6 site.

SandCamp Drupalicon

San Diego Drupal Camp Octopus Mash up between the Taz octopus and the Dutch Druplicon (, by Karl, Matt and Shane.

Other 3d printable designs by syakely:

SANDcamp 2015: February 26-February 28

We had a great camp year.

I was able to help sponsor this event under Matt's Banner Objective-A and help with the Arduino class.

(I'm most left genuiss shirt.)

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